Jeff Papows,

CEO ShopAdvisor, Inc.

Jeff Papows, PhD

CEO ShopAdvisor, Inc.

Today Jeff is the CEO of Shopadvisor, Inc., an emerging leader in mobile proximity marketing technology, which is used by retailers, brands, agencies, media and mall operators. Jeff took over leadership of the company in the Fall of 2015. Since then he has effected a significant change in the company’s fortunes.  He has repositioned the company, grown its awareness, brought in new investors and made a strategic acquisition of Redwood City, CA-based Retailigence Corporation.  This move and the subsequent integration of Retailigence into ShopAdvisor has been met with industry acclaim, calling ShopAdvisor now a giant in mobile proximity marketing.

Papows has been a frequent guest of CNN and Fox News, numerous businesses daily’s journals, blogs, and forums.  Jeff is also a successful author, Jeff’s book, Enterprise.com: Information Leadership in the Digital Age has sold more than 90,000 copies and has been reprinted multiple times in several languages.  Jeff also completed work recently on a second book Glitch – The Hidden Costs of Faulty Software – published by Prentice Hall in the summer of 2010.  Jeff’s third book, Unbridled Passion, Show Jumping’s Greatest Horses and Riders.  Jeff received a bronze medal for book of the year in the sports category in 2012.

He has been named to Upside Magazine’s list of one hundred most important people shaping the digital age, as well as numerous similar awards.  Jeff has been the keynote speaker at Comdex, testified in the U.S. Senate, visited the white house for discussions of digital matters affecting the industry and country and been a college commencement speaker multiple times.  Jeff holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration as well as having earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

Jeff serves on the Board of Agero, one of the larger and premier telematics providers achieving spectacular growth from very large basis points.  Jeff also serves as an outside Director on the board of The Children’s Wish Foundation International.